(Blushing) - I have a favor?

Hi Booklikes friends

I find it difficult to reach out to people for favors but I’m tamping down my apprehensions and doing just that today.  Feel free to act or ignore as you see fit.
I mentioned a couple of posts ago that the end of last year brought some life changes – my job, of almost 20 years, was downsized right out of existence.  I had other options within the company, involving less money and fewer hours, which I chose not to take.  Turning lemons into lemonade I decided it was time try something I had been thinking about for a while.  I am starting a small home-based business called “Stay at Home Kitty” and it’s a cat sitting service.

When my daughter got married she had a destination wedding and I had four cats at home, one of which had to be sedated just to go to the vet so there was no way she could be boarded for a week … I’m sure she would have had seizures had she known we were even thinking about it.  Of course, anyone who I might have trusted to look after my kitties was coming away with us for the wedding.  What to do?  I hired a lovely lady, “The Cat Lady” (since retired), who came in once a day to look after my kitties and bring in the mail, etc.  I came home to happy, healthy and well-fed cats.  At that time I was a bit envious of her job … seemed like a great way to make a living.  So I’m going to give it a try while I have the safety net of unemployment insurance.


My youngest daughter, who works in PR has helped me a lot and advised me to set up an on line presence.  I have made a Facebook page called, of course, Stay At Home Kitty.  This weekend I am participating in a local trade show and offering three gift baskets for a draw – and wouldn’t you know it (wink, wink) some items I purchased did not make it into the baskets – so, I’m offering them as a giveaway on my FB page.


This weekend, all you have to do is "like" the page and leave a comment on my Saturday post for the chance to win one of five prizes … all of them cat related and some of them books.  It would be great to have a few more “followers” for this “on line presence” my daughter recommended.  Sooooo????  If you are on FB and want to meander over to Stay at Home Kitty this weekend to paw the like button and leave a comment it would be greatly appreciated and you might just win a prize.
Just so you know …
* My page is strictly for fun and smiles, I will not be advertising on the page except for this once,
* I only post once a day so I will not flood your FB wall (cat food recalls& important breaking cat related news will be posted as it is announced,
* Posts are (I think) amusing – no politics, abuse stories or sad stuff.
I also have a website that is now up and running (www.stayathomekitty.com).  It has a “Mews and Fun” page which I hope will be somewhat interactive so I have a “Kitty of the Month” and a “Book of the Month” (fiction or non-fiction, cat related of course).  Sooooo????  If you have a book recommendation send it along to me at stayathomekitty@gmail.com along with a link to your review.  And, if you would like your kitty to be a “Kitty of the Month” send me a pic and a little bit about your fur baby(s) and I’ll post that too on my website and my FB page (and I know there are A LOT of cat lovers on Booklikes … sorry dog folks, I love them too, but ...).  “Books of the Month” and “Kitty of the Month” will also be included in my monthly “Mews”Letter that can be subscribed to on my website’s contact page.
Thanks for reading this ... it's the one and only time I'll mention this ... PROMISE!!