Sunday Soup for Broken Tune

Broken Tune posted a pic of some delicious looking soup she made which changed my dinner plans to making some homemade soup on this first really cold, blustery day of this winter.  She forced coerced asked me nicely to post pics of my soup.  Chicken and beef soup at my house means an entire meal (that's just the way my mom did it ... might be a German/European thing) ... so everything goes into the pot pretty much whole.



Then the broth gets strained and noodles or rice are added (usually I use fine egg noddles but tonight I used Orzo) and the actual soup/broth becomes the app and the boiled meat and veggies get served as the entree with a sauce; sometimes it's tomato or garlic but tonight I made lemon dill since it goes well with poultry (and fish too).



There are always lots of veggies and meat left, so after the meal it gets cup up into bite sized pieces and added to the left over "soup" for supper the next day with some hearty bread or a salad.  It freezes really well too for the next cold and blustery day that needs some hot soup.



So there you go Broken Tune ... I posted my soup  :-)