I Got Mail!

I've been away from Booklikes for a little while and am very glad to see it and everyone else is still here.  :-)  I'm going to try and catch up on as many posts as possible but just 'cause I didn't hit "like" doesn't mean I don't care ... I just haven't been around.


I've been involved in some non-book-related work (boo!) projects and although I've been reading as usual I have been very highly UNmotivated to write reviews.  Of course, that means I am even further behind than usual in that department.


The other projects are mostly wrapped up now and I need to get to posting some reviews, so I'm going to tackle my NG stuff first and then go from there.  There might be some "two-fers" or even "three-fers" coming up, so be fore warned.


Getting a first reads book package in the mail is always a good motivator!  


Even though I knew it was on its way it is always so great to receive a book package in the mail.  I'm one lucky lady because I was selected to be a "first reader" for this book - "The Good Sister" by Chelsea Bolan.


It came with a lovely bouquet of flowers tied to it with a blue ribbon.  I can hardly wait to see if those have any significance to the story?  And, an HCC mug (YAY!! ... 'cause I'm a little bit of a crazy collector when it comes to mugs)


Not only is it special to receive a book to review, but once again a well deserved shout out to the marketing team for making it even more special with the "extras"


Thank you to Harper Collins!



So now I've got my book!  I've got my coffee and a mug to put it in!


My Sunday is "Booked"! Sorry, couldn't resist.