I Think I Killed My Kindle


Everybody warns you about electronics and temperatures but I did it anyway ... I left my Kindle in the car overnight. Here in the Great white North we are still have freezing temps overnight and my poor Kindle didn't have a blanky.  :-(


Half the screen is blanked out.


Has this happened to anyone else?


Is there a way to save it?


Or is this the perfect excuse to suck it up and spend the money on a new one?  Mine was still one of the first ones ... basic, basic, basic ... but it worked great!  The one problem I had was arranging "shelves" to organize.  It wouldn't "talk" to my computer so I couldn't do it on screen and doing it on the kindle screen was a pain in the a**.  I'm open to recommendations.  Which Kindle do you folks suggest?  Without having to spend a small fortune!



Thankfully I have enough real books to see me through this crisis.