This sounds like fun!

Secret valentine!

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There was an awesome idea from a bookstore posted here from ConstantlyMovingTheBookmark, that made me thinking how brilliant it would be if we did something similar among ourselves. So, I came up with a 'secret valentine group' idea. I didn't make the group yet, as I want first to see if this is something you guys might be interested in.


(Keep in mind that I haven't worked all the details yet) I am thinking that the copy should be digital, as we are scattered all over the globe and it should also be something you own.(update: if you want to buy something for this that's fine too!)

I usually remove the DRM from books I purchase, as I like to process them in calibre, but I don't know what you do with your digital copies.


We can use an online generator like this:

Now I know that you guys don't read the same genres, so I thought that perhaps I can make different groups based on genre, so people can at least get something they would like to read. If you take a look at the website above you can make a wishlist, so that your secret valentine can gift you something you always wanted!


What do you think? Is this something that might interest you?

If yes, comment below and make sure to include your top 3 genres.

I post this hopefully early enough, so we can make the draw on Valentine's day! ツ