It's been a nice weekend at my house.

— feeling love

So this weekend was one of ups and downs.


Friday was an unexpectedly busy day at work and then I went off to enjoy a nice dinner with some friends.   When I came home and switched on the television the events in Paris were all over the news. So sad!


Saturday my daughters came home to take me out for a nice dinner (it was my birthday). I am usually the one baking birthday cakes and my birthday gets celebrated with the cake and sparkler combination provided by the restaurant. Don’t get me wrong … its great and even better is getting to spend time with my beautiful girls.  


This year I received a lovely surprise.   My daughter’s friend is starting to make specialty cakes in the hopes of eventually getting a business off the ground.   My daughters challenged her with an unusual request … make a cake combining two totally opposite themes … books (for me) and soccer (for their dad) as his birthday had been last week (2 birds – 1 stone and all that). They were very kind and extremely discrete by only putting four candle on the cake!  


I also received a very generous gift card to my favorite book store so … a couple of pre-orders already sent for some interesting looking reads coming out in January.


The pictures really don’t do it justice, especially with the thumb boo-boo we managed to inflict on the corner before the pictures were taken, but this is what she came up with …





It was my first ever “book-themed” cake. It was such a surprise and very yummy. Definitely enjoyed by all!


Today was a “me day” and I got all kinds of pampering things accomplished. I managed to sneak a little – okay, okay – quite a bit of reading.