Book Lover's Necessities

— feeling evil grin

Christmas is only 112 days away.  Just throwing that out there!


I came across these items on BuzzFeed where they have a total list of "35 Clever Gift Any Book Lover Will Want to Keep for Themselves".  There were many cute and useful items but these are 6 of my favorite things on the list.


BANNED BOOK SOCKS ... yes I would so wear these!

BOOK PILLOWS ... already have them on my couch in my imagination.


















BOOK SCENTED SOY CANDLES ... I have to admit I am a bit curious about how a "Trashy Romance Novel" candle might smell.

BOOKSHELF NECKLACE ... I mean, really, how cute is this?


















FEMALE AUTHORS UMBRELLA ... I also have one covered in comic book characters that I had to do some pretty fast talking and buy a newspaper subscription to get.  It was a promo display item but I wanted it!


I bought an umbrella for my daughter that had bulldogs on it in honor of my "grandpuppy".


Had to do some fast talking to get this little prize.
ZIPPER BOOK MARK ... love it just for the novelty factor.