Level 26: Dark Origins

Level 26: Dark Origins - Anthony E. Zuiker;Duane Swierczynski Level 25 refers to the FBI’s classification of the most heinous of criminals. In this book we encounter a serial killer who needs a new classification:

His targets – anyone
His methods – unlimited
His alias – Sqweegel
His classification – Level 26

From the creator of the CSI television series comes this book advertised as a “digi-novel”. At certain points throughout the book, usually at interesting or suspenseful plot points, the reader is directed to a website. This makes the book somewhat interactive. It is an interesting concept. I listened to this book on audio while I was on the go and not always at a computer (not owning a blackberry or an i-phone I did not always check on the website at the appropriate parts) but it did not detract from my enjoyment of the book. It was a good thriller about the hunt for a serial killer who has been active and illusive for 30 years. When it becomes personal for ex-FBI agent Steve Dark the gloves come off. Not being an excessively long book the character development and action come at the reader fast and fierce. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is a fan of the crime thriller genre.