Fever Dream

Fever Dream - 'Douglas Preston',  'Lincoln Child' In this book we are once again reunited with Special Agent Pendergast and his entourage. Pendergast is finally putting away the things that remind him of his wife’s tragic accidental death many years ago. (Personal side note: Wow was I ever surprised as I did not even know Pendergast had a wife? Did I miss that somewhere along the way in this series? It was nice, made him a little more human. Hmmmmm … maybe he is not a member of the undead after all as I was starting to suspect.) While going through these items he finds evidence that her demise may not have been as accidental as presumed and, may in fact have been homicide. The reason behind the killings, Helen Pendergast’s obsession with wildlife painter James Audubon. The book is a page turning romp through swamps and bayous ending in a bit of a cliff hanger. There was a little side story about Pendergast’s ward Constance Green which didn’t seem to be a part of this book at all, so I can only presume it was a lead in to the next in the series. A great read for Pendergast fans.