The Idea of Perfection

The Idea of Perfection - Grenville Kate Karakarook is a hot, dusty, sun-baked small town in New South Wales. Three outsiders with very different backgrounds and outlooks come to town for various reasons. Each has skeletons from the past to deal with and do so over the course their stay in Karakarook.

I wanted to really like this book, but sadly, I didn’t. The story was generally flat, then
every once in a while I found myself getting excited because it sounded like things could really be going somewhere. These are the few moments that kept me reading. Then everything fizzled out. No, didn’t even fizzle out, just died off. I found everything about this book depressing; the characters, the town, the landscape, the children at school and the dog. Even the attempt at redemption at the end of the book left me feeling that it probably was not going to work out well, so why bother.