Star Island

Star Island - Carl Hiaasen One never opens an Hiaasen book expecting intricate plot themes and stunning charactizations. One reads Mr. Hiaasen because he has a biting wit which blends so well with his satirical look at certain aspects of life. In STAR ISLAND he tackles the pop diva music world personified by Cherry Pie … the perfect melding of so many young popsters on the current music scene. Cherry is over-indulged, under-talented, drug-dependant and stage-mothered. She is also stalked by uber-papparazzo Bang Abbott and has a look alike stand-in for those times she has the “tummy problems” she happens to be so prone to (nudge-nudge-wink-wink).

This book is a humorous, no hold barred accounting of Ms. Cherry Pie’s sad life and poor career choices. The population of amusing peripheral characters is what made this book work for me. They were so over-the-top and took themselves so seriously that it was hard not to laugh at the unbelievability for the whole time we were allowed to glimpse into their lives. Personally I think this is a book you need to be in the mood to read … kind of like a pallete cleansing light sorbet between heavier main courses.