Numbers: Book 1

Numbers: Book 1 - Rachel Ward When Jem’s mother dies Jem realizes that the mysterious numbers she sees when she looks someone in the eye are actually the day of their death. Uncomfortable with her secret Jem shuns contact with people until she meets Spider, a young man who is also troubled and alone except for his “gran”. One afternoon, on an outing, Jem realizes that everyone’s numbers are the same … all these people are going to die on the same day? This is the jumping point for the rest of the book.

Although the book did not go in the direction I was expecting from reading the book jacket it was an interesting read that made me wonder about coping with life if we could all see into the future just a little bit. The ending had the unique quality of being both a surprise in one aspect and quite predictable in another. Definitely a good setup for a sequel. This was another in the long list of books which makes me wonder about the validity of the YA label.