True Blue

True Blue - David Baldacci In this start to a new series (I hope) Mace Perry has just been released from prison. She was incarcertated under the worst possible scenario … falsely accused and a cop in jail. But she survived, got physically and emtionally stronger and is now out to clear her name. With the help of her Chief of Police sister Beth, she sets out to do just that.

I enjoy action thrillers and Mr. Baldacci just never disappoints. His books have enough car crashes and shoot ‘em up scenes to keep action junkies happy. His books also have characters that are quirky enough to become endearing (ala Camel Club) and he keeps his nasty characters nasty! I like that. I’ve read a few unfavourable reviews for this book commenting that the scenarios are unrealistic. To those few I say, tsk tsk if you must, suspend your beliefs for a little while and enjoy the ride!

I listened to this book on audio and cannot finish this review without kudos to Ron McLarty. He is probably one of my favourite readers.