The Monster of Florence

The Monster of Florence - Douglas Preston Mr. Preston, probably best known for his “Detective Pendergast” takes a page from his famous FBI sleuth and tackles the real life case of the Italian serial killer whose nickname is the title. In realizing his dream of moving his family to Italy Mr. Preston discovers the picturesque olive grove surrounding his new home was the scene of a series of double murders. Too tempting not to investigate he teams up with Italian investigative journalist Mario Spezi to uncover the true identity of the killer. In a pecular twist of “justice” both Mr. Preston and Mr. Spezi become suspects, with Mr. Preston being, in no uncertain terms, told to leave the country and Mr. Spezi actually being imprisoned as “The Monster”.

This book had been sitting on my shelf for quite some time and I never got around to it. A friend re-introduced me to the story when explaining his fascination with the recent Amanda Knox retrial in Perugia, Italy. The lead prosecutor accused of fabricating the case against Amanda is the same prosecutor who strongly suggested Mr. Preston leave Italy. Recent publications of The Monster of Florence include an afterward by Mr. Preston which was an interesting eye opener. A good true crime thriller that will have you “googling” the facts to find out more.

The moral of both this book and the Amanda Knox trial could well be … if traveling in Italy, stay on the right side of the law.