Jeannie Out of the Bottle

Jeannie Out of the Bottle - 'Barbara Eden',  'Wendy Leigh' Anyone over the age of 30 must remember I Dream of Jeannie, and with the popularity of “retro” television channels I am sure Jeannie has a whole new audience in this century as well. Ms. Eden’s autobiography is well told and entertaining. She lets us in on some behind the scenes secrets of the show, she shares her personal triumphs as well as tragedies. Ms. Eden is definitely known for her role as Jeannie, but she had such a wide and varied career that I had not idea about until reading this book.

I enjoyed the book because of its casual style, making it seem as if Ms. Eden is actually talking to the reader. She drops many names and lets the reader in on some juicy gossip but, in my opinion, she portrays herself as a little too clean cut. It may all be true, but still makes me go hmmm?