Prized - Caragh M. O'Brien I enjoyed Ms. O’Brien’s Birthmarked so had to pick up this sequel. She does not disappoint. The first page of Prized picks up exactly where Birthmarked ended. No unexplained time lapse to catch up on throughout the story. Gaia Stone is wandering the Wastelands with only her infant sister when she is “rescued” and taken to Sylum, appearing to be a Utopia in the midst of devastation. But Sylum has its own dirty little secret and not everything is as perfect as it seems. Having been drawn to Sylum because of her grandmother Gaia quickly comes to question her decision.

Advertised as a YA book I cannot be too judgmental about some of the writing style, and overly simplistic resolutions to the plot line. However, during other moments I wondered if the subject matter would make sense to the younger end of the YA age range. I did enjoy the book and the characters and the ending definitely lends itself to a continuation. If that happens, I will definitely pick it up.