The Boy in the Suitcase

The Boy in the Suitcase - Lene Kaaberbol;Agnete Friis Nina Borg (our protagonist) is employed as a nurse by a secret organization offering (against the law) medical care to illegal immigrants. Asked by a friend to run a simple errand and pick up something from an airport locker Nina suspects immediately that something is wrong when her friend warns her not to look into the suitcase until she is out of the airport. As a reader we know that cannot be good! Sure enough what she discovers is a boy. Knowing something is wrong Nina is reluctant to turn the boy over to the authorities
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and this leads her on a breath taking journey trying to find the boys mother.

There seems to be quite a bit of translated fiction coming out of Scandinavian countries lately. A trend started by the Millennium books or maybe something that has just tripped onto my personal radar lately. This one was well written, tight and suspenseful so it became a real page-turner. Definitely a book focused on trafficking children for various reasons and abused woman. Nina is not your typical protagonist either … she comes with her own set of issues and secrets. As much as I enjoy strong women leads in books it is nice to see one that is slightly flawed. I can relate.