A Room Full of Bones

A Room Full of Bones - Elly Griffiths This fourth installment of the Ruth Galloway series finds Ruth discovering the body of a museum curator scant minutes before a mysterious coffin is supposed to be opened. Apparently the coffin comes with an ancient curse should it ever be disturbed. This curse combined with the curse of ancient Australian aboriginal bones stored in the museums archives can only mean mortal danger for all involved. As the toll of “the curse” widens even DCI Nelson succumbs. Ruth not only has to deal with the bodies and the bones, but having been “outed” regarding her daughters paternity, must also confront the tangled web of her personal life.

I have been a fan of this series since the first book. I like Ruth because she reminds me of “every-woman”. She is successful in her job and manages her day to day life, but in the back of her mind there are all kinds of foibles and insecurities. Ms. Griffiths writes her very well. In my opinion this is definitely the best book in the series to date.