Celebrity in Death

Celebrity in Death - J.D. Robb Favorite “In Death” reporter Nadine Furst wrote “The Icove Agenda” based on one of Eve Dallas’ previous cases. The book is now being made into a film and Eve, Roarke, et al are at a cast party celebrating the upcoming wrap of the film. It is a little eerie socially with the actors who look and sound so much like the people in Eve’s life. It becomes even more frightening when the actress portraying Peabody in the film is found murdered. Getting to the bottom of the homicide, when all the suspects are trained actors is a little tricky, but Eve and her crack team get the job done yet again.

I like these books very much and it was nice to see this one back on Eve Dallas’ home turf of NYC. All the major players made an appearance in this one, which I also enjoyed as I found I missed them in the last book (New York to Dallas). Another thing I have to praise about this book is that it stepped out of the usual “cookie cutter” format of the books … Eve didn’t get slammed or beaten nor did she find herself in a life threatening scenario at the end of the book. Good job by Ms. Robb (aka Nora Roberts).

To any other fans of the In Death books: I enjoy revisiting these characters with every new installment to the series and I love Roarke … BUT … is it just me or does Roarke seem to get just a tad more controlling in each book? And does Eve seem to lose a little of her grit with every new story? I know they are trying to meld their separate worlds and meet in the middle, but I miss the fireworks.