Leader of the Pack (Andy Carpenter Series #10)

Leader of the Pack (Andy Carpenter Series #10) - David Rosenfelt With this latest instalment in the series we rejoin Andy Carpenter et al in their latest quest for justice. This time around it’s Joey Desimone who brings Andy out of his voluntary semi-retirement. Andy defended Joey when he was accused of a double murder. Through a curious set of circumstances Andy becomes privy to information that may prove Joey truly is innocent. Andy needs to follow that information, which as usual, lands him in some sort of trouble. This time is with “the mob”.

As with many series, the books tend to become just a little predictable. The story line changes, but the action pretty much follows a pattern, and why not if its successful. This series (and book) is no different. The saving grace is the characters. Their predictability is what keeps me coming back. As I’ve said before, it’s like visiting with old friends. It’s fun.