The Ballad of Ballard and Sandrine

The Ballad of Ballard and Sandrine - Peter Straub Sandrine and Ballard make an unusual couple. He is many years her senior and over the course of this short novella they enjoy a passionate, if unsettling, relationship that spans 25 years. Their story takes place on the Amazon River as they cruise on several different yachts. Although on the surface everything seems normal and quite idyllic, the reader soon discovers there is a dark side to relationship - in more ways than one.

Peter Straub had always been a “take him or leave him” kind of author for me personally, despite the fact that I do gravitate towards his books from time to time. Although this little e-book sounded intriguing in its description it was a little too disjointed for my taste. Neither of the principal characters really appealed to me in any way, so the madness and horror that ensued lost its power. The ongoing poetic descriptions of floating down the Amazon just were not enough to carry the book. Sorry Mr. Straub but for me this one was a miss.