Red Rain: A Novel

Red Rain: A Novel - R.L. Stine Lea Sutton writes a travel blog for people who like adventure. Researching for her latest instalment she travels to the small island of Le Chat Noir off the coast of South Carolina where she experiences a fierce hurricane. In the aftermath of the storm she is wandering on the beach looking at the desolation when she encounters twin boys who have also survived. Their family however was not as fortunate and Lea forms an immediate bond with them and decides that she is going to take them home with her and make them part of her family. Lea’s husband Marc is less than thrilled by the idea, but the boys return with her nonetheless. As they begin to integrate themselves into life in Sag Harbour the strangest incidents begin to occur and the boys seem to have some very real, and very deadly special gifts.

My girls both read R.L. Stine novels when they were younger and although I would often read books that they were reading … just to keep up with what they were “into”, R.L. Stine was not one of the authors I ever picked up. Because of that I have really no basis of comparison to this “adult” novel. Saying that I also felt that aside from one scene involving sex this could have been a YA novel. In fact if I may be so bold as to offer a further opinion … the scene was gratuitous and could have been thrown in just to bump the book into the adult market. Yes, it really was that disappointing - oh – I mean the book as a whole, not just the sex scene.