And When She Was Good: A Novel

And When She Was Good: A Novel - Laura Lippman Heloise is a single mom living in a nice suburban neighbourhood. Smart and good looking her neighbours have no problem believing that she is a lobbyist. How else could she afford the lifestyle she is living? The truth is Heloise had a rough start to her life and was introduced very early on to the world of drugs and prostitution. Instead of letting it drag her under, she made use of her talents and now is a madam in her own highly successful escort service. Her former boyfriend/pimp is behind bars and everyone else from her former life is either lost or dead. She felt safe. Until a chance run in with a former co-worker and a murder of another make Heloise just how safe she and her son really are.

I like this book very much. As grim as the heroine’s story is Heloise is a strong woman who has not only high standards but good morals as well. I know considering her profession that seems like an odd thing to say, but read the book and you’ll find its true. The action part of the book was good and played well into the plot, but I really enjoyed Heloise’s story.