Key of Light

Key of Light - Nora Roberts Three women have never met yet are all invited to a mysterious mansion to attend a dinner. They are the only guests of the “otherworldly” couple occupying the mansion. By the end of the evening they have been given a quest to find a key. Surprisingly (especially to themselves) they accept the seemingly impossible quest of finding three missing keys to unlock the three boxes holding the souls of three other young women. This is book one of the trilogy … Mallory’s quest.

I do not read a lot of Nora Roberts, although I am a huge fan of her alter-ego J.D. Robb. Yet every time I pick up one of Ms. Robert’s tales based on legends and magic I find myself quite captured by the book. Production-wise Ms. Roberts rivals James Patterson so it amazes me that she can come up with the story lines and keep them interesting. I’m a lot jealous of the ability. Romance, legends, magic and mystery … always the perfect mix for a little much needed escapism. And there’s definitely nothing wrong with that!