Odd Interlude #1 (An Odd Thomas Story)

Odd Interlude #1 (An Odd Thomas Story) - Dean Koontz After quite a hiatus with the Odd Thomas books Mr. Koontz seems to be cranking them out fast and furious over the past year. (I believe another is being released in the not too distant future) As the title suggests this book is an “interlude”, time-wise falling somewhere between the last two books. I understand that these books are supposed to be Odd’s memoirs but it can be a little confusing when he refers to a future event, that the reader has already read about.

This “interlude" takes place in Harmony Corner which is anything but harmonious. When a nearby government facility closed down “someone” escaped and took residence in Harmony Corner. It was unfortunate because strange happenings started shortly after that. However Odd, with the help of a supercomputer reminiscent of HAL, manages to save the day once again.

I know that sounds a little tongue and cheek, but if you are at all familiar with the novels you already know that they are quite entertaining yet not to be taken too seriously.