The Choice

The Choice - Robert Whitlow It’s 1974 and Sandy Lincoln finds herself pregnant. Having been raised in a Christian home with defined morals Sandy decides that she will have the baby and give it up for adoption. On her way to live at her aunt’s home until the baby is born Sandy has a chance encounter with an old woman who tells her she will have twin boys. And, more ominously, that they must go to separate homes. Sure enough, Sandy does have twin boys and they are adopted out separately.

Fast forward to current day, we find Sandy teaching at the same high school she attended. A young student comes to her for advice because she finds herself pregnant. Sandy does her best to council her and through some twists and turns finds herself face to face with one of her sons.

This was an unusual little book but it had a little too much “religion” for my taste and a distinct pro-life vibe. Despite that the first half of the book was well written and interesting. The social norms and attitudes of the seventies were well captured. The second half captured me a little less. It seemed very repetitive and when I finally got to the end it made me wonder what I had just read. What started out as a book about teenage pregnancy, abortion vs. adoption and the choices to be made (as the title suggests) turned into a thriller involving illegal immigrants and rape. Even the mystery woman who, in my opinion, could have taken the story in so many different directions, does not reappear except at the very last to tie up loose ends. All in all, a little bit of a disappointment.