Like A Charm

Like A Charm - Mark Billingham, Lee Child, Peter Robinson, Karin Slaughter, Kelley Armstrong, Lynda La Plante, Jane Haddam, Denise Mina, John Harvey, John Connolly, Emma Donoghue, Laura Lippman, Fidelis Morgan, Peter Moore Smith, Jerrilyn Farmer This was a book of short stories that I picked up on the strength of writing contributions by Karin Slaughter and Kelley Armstrong (amoung a multitude of others). It was a unique concept for a book of short stories as each author was given a premise for the story ... to involve a specific charm bracelet and a murder. Each author wrote a story, and when combined into the book, the short stories told a progressive tale. Each story could very well stand alone, but Ms. Slaughter contributes both the first and last story in the book, which ties everything together wonderfully.