Enchantment - Orson Scott Card This was a fairy tale version of A YANKEE IN KING ARTHURS COURT. Rather than the princess coming into the 20th century Prince Charming travels back to the 9th. It has all the elements of a fairy tale with a modern twist. The cast of characters from the usual (the princess, prince charming, the wicked witch) to some more obscure characters borrowed from the traditional russian stories (the bear, Baba Yaga) and few references to well know characters borrowed from the likes of The Wizard of Oz and others. It was definitely an entertaining book. I enjoy time travel books, but they always leave me pondering the part where you have to ask yourself the question of "If the character is in the past, does it effect his future? Is he still in the future? etc.?" Despite my personal conundrum with time travel, this was a good read.