7 Deadly Wonders

7 Deadly Wonders - Matthew Reilly From the first word on the first page this book takes you on an action packed roller coaster ride with Jack West Jr., Lily and an ensemble cast of characters. Their team, assembled from mismatched countries, take on crack commando teams from the U.S. and the E.U. to find the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world in a quest to save the world from imminent destruction. This book packs the pages with action and then gives the reader a much needed breather with pages of history, archeology and myths and then BAM right back into the action. As I was reading this book I couldn’t help but cast the movie version in my imagination. I honestly cannot think of anyone up to tackling the Jack West character. The only drawback to the whole book … I got just a little tired of “rolling boulders” ala Indiana Jones.