Contest - Matthew Reilly A man and his daughter are drawn into a battle to the death called the Presidium. Seven life forms from different galaxies come together once every thousand years to determine superiority. This year’s labyrinth of choice is the New York Public Library. Human’s are the only representatives not aware of this ongoing “contest” and are the only species drawn into the event without consent. Of course, no human has ever won. Enter Dr. Steven Swain and his daughter (via teleportation of course) and the contest is on. Oh – did I forget to mention that there is a big, bad monster that has to be defeated at the end and some annoying interference from NSA?
This was another entertaining book from Mr. Reilly. It is his first novel (originally self published), so a little less intense than the Jack West series. I liked it for that reason. The style of this book also seems to foreshadow some of the author’s favourite elements used in the Jack West series. (Spoiler alert - Many book lovers will cringe at the destruction of the landmark and its contents … I did … but what does one expect when pesky aliens are involved)