The Wife's Tale

The Wife's Tale - Lori Lansens Mary Gooch has lived her whole life in Leaford, Ontario. Life is not perfect. She has no clothes that fit her to wear to her father’s funeral and the outfit she bought just three weeks ago to wear to her silver anniversary dinner is now too tight. She has a part time job she hates, a house she has lived in her whole married life, a truck with a sunroof that will not close and her closest friend is her Kenmore refrigerator. All that aside, she is still in love with her high school crush, now her loving and ever-patient husband. A scratch-and-win lottery ticket changes her life forever but will it be for the better or the worse? I loved Mary and her (mis)adventures. I would rate this book as one of the most enjoyable reads of 2010 so far and will definitely be checking out more from Ms. Lansens.