Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - Seth Grahame-Smith As a prelude to this review I must say that I am somewhat of a traditionalist when it comes to vampire stories. I love Bram Stoker and grew to like Anne Rice, liberties taken with the original vampire legend after that are on a hit and miss basis where I am concerned. Risking the wrath of half the literate world I did not like TWILIGHT. When I saw the title of this book I had to pick it up. Written by the author of PRIDE & PREJUDICE & ZOMBIES, which I did not read because –risking the wrath of the other half of the literate world here – I am not a huge Jane Austin fan. This book was more than interesting. He takes some liberties with the vampire lore, but not so much as to take away from the original concept of vampires which so appeals to me. Credit must be given when credit is deserved. Mr. Grahame-Smith takes this well known, monumental figure from history and intertwines his history with vampires. He does it in such a way that it seems almost feasible. I often sat back with that contemplative “hmmmmm … I can see that!” in my mind. Photo Shopped historical pictures helped with this illusion. I enjoyed the factual nature of the book with regards to Mr. Lincoln’s life and achievements and the vampire tie-in made it a very interesting read. I admit I skimmed quickly through the civil war parts, but Mr. Lincoln’s “vampire interaction” during his younger days, the slavery issues and his presidency is intriguing.