Blackout - Connie Willis In the year 2040 many things have improved … medicine, literature and even education. In the year 2040 historians are an elite group. They can travel back in time to observe “history” happening first hand. Of course, there are rules to keep the time continuum intact, and history cannot be changed. The time machine has built in mechanisms to prevent these historians from altering history, so what happens when these mechanisms malfunction? No one really knows … until now.
This book centers on the London Blitz during WWII. Although I have not checked, it does appear to be historically accurate and Ms. Willis brings us the personal side of the effects of war through the reader’s relationship with her characters. I found the first few chapters of the book a little hectic, but once the characters became clear in my mind and I accepted the time travel scenario everything fell into place and the rest of the book moved along well. The end of the book was a little frustrating for me, but I will not spoil it here for anyone wanting to pick up and enjoy this excellent read.