No Sleep Till Wonderland

No Sleep Till Wonderland - Paul Tremblay In this follow up book to THE LITTLE SLEEP we revisit Mark Genevich the narcoleptic P.I. After coupling his landlord mother forcing him to go into therapy, his P.I. business not meeting his expectations and his ongoing battle with his narcolepsy Mark decides to go on a two day bender. Coming out of the bender Mark finds himself a suspect in a arson/murder investigation. The first book was unique because it threw a twist into the typical P.I. genre read. Although this follow up still has the sarcastic wit and dark humour of the original some of the newness has worn off the concept and I found myself not enjoying it as much. I will continue to read Mr. Tremblay’s books because he has injected enough interesting personality into his Genevich character that I want to find out 1. more about the original cause for his narcolepsy and 2. how he continues to deal with it. If I need to red through another adventure to find these things out … so be it.