Eat This Not That! 2010: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution

Eat This Not That! 2010: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution - David Zinczenko, Matt Goulding I picked this book up because I was working on a topic for a weight loss group presentation. Anyone interested in, not just weight loss, but a healthier lifestyle should add this book to their reading list. It’s not the kind of book you sit down to read on a Sunday afternoon but WOW is it packed full of information. I found so much information in this single book that I could have used it to do several meeting presentations (and just might). After going through this book I picked up the Eat This! Not That! Restaurant Guide and am slowly working my way through that one as well … let me tell you, there are some pretty scary numbers in there if you are trying to maintain any semblance of healthy eating when you go out. The positive thing, it offers you choice options and even some recipes to make those restaurant favourites at home in a healthier manner and for less money. Even if you are not interested in the topic next time you are in a bookstore just page through one. They are fun books to look through and I’ll wager you have more than one “I didn’t know that” moment.