The Walk

The Walk - Richard Paul Evans Alan Christofferson is a self-made, very successful “ad-man”. He has it all; the successful business, the beautiful wife who happens to be the love of his life, the mansion and luckily the happiness to go with it. When fate strikes its nasty blow and he tragically loses it all in a matter of what seems like an instant he almost succumbs to a convenient handful of pills. Only the promise to his wife to “live life” keeps him from swallowing those pills. Instead, he embarks on a walk. But not just any walk. He decides to walk to Key West, Florida - the furthest point he can from his home state of Washington. The reader walks with him and meets the people he meets and sees the places he sees. Its not always an easy walk, but well worth the read. Mr. Evans is the bestselling author of THE CHRISTMAS BOX and this is apparently the first of a 5-book series. I will definitely be making the walk for the second book when it is released.