A Dark Matter

A Dark Matter - Peter Straub In the summer of 1966 eight friends venture into a meadow to take part in a secret ritual. At the end of this ritual only six emerge from the meadow. Those who emerged were changed forever. Lee Harwell was a friend to those who went that night, but declined to go along. Fast forward many decades and Lee is a successful author with a case of writer’s block. An unusual unpublished manuscript found on ebay seems to be the answer to his problem but leads him down a path he never expected to travel. He starts to question what actually happened in that meadow. The story unfolds as Lee questions each of those present that night. The group he interviews is an unusual cast of characters each with their own story. This collection of stories makes up the book, with Lee joining them together with his own thoughts and perceptions. Lee speaks to the reader as if he knows the reader is there … a bit of an unusual writing method but for this story it definitely works. It’s a book that rather than being simply a horror story it is a story of past experiences and a little bit about righting a wrong.