Stella in Heaven

Stella in Heaven - Art Buchwald This book spans about four years and is written as a conversation between Roger and Stella Folger, a couple happily married for 40+ years. The interesting thing about the relationship is that Stella is dead. She regularly calls Roger from her “pink princess phone” from Heaven. Unbeknownst to those of us still here on earth, Heaven is made up of a series of luxury hotels and spas and when you get there you are given three wishes. Stella’s first wish, obviously, is to stay in touch with her widowed husband. While this sounds touching, it also leads to all kinds of complications in Roger’s life. And even in Heaven, news arrives with new arrivals and rumours abound. Because of this Stella enlists her group of friends in Heaven and decides that she needs to make it her personal mission to find Roger a new wife. Written with his typical wry humour this is an unashamed, unabashed commentary on marriage, children, family dysfunction and the enduring power of love.