Rush Home Road

Rush Home Road - Lori Lansens I have a new author on my favourites list and this book was AMAZING! In my little world three stars out of five means it was a pretty good read … this book I would give six!

The book is set in the Detroit-Windsor-Chatham corrider of Southern Ontario (as are most of Ms. Lansens books) and tells the story of Sharla Cody and Mum-Addy. Sharla is a five year old who has had a tough go of it already and Addy is a 70 year old who had a tough go of it all her life. Addy agrees to look after Sharla for the summer so her real mother can “get her life together” … which in reality meant “take off in the middle of the night with her boyfriend". Having a young child in the house brings back memories of her own upbringing and causes Addy to go down memory lane a little more frequently than usual. Moving seamlessley from the present to the past, Addy’s story is the book.

Ms. Lansens manages to incorporate a lot of Canadiana into the book, from Canada’a role in the anti-slavery movement, the underground railway and prohibition, but does so in a way that weaves well into the story. She also looks at the seedier side of children’s lives when they do not have strong and loving parental figures. Although uplifting in the case of little Sharla, it makes me wish every needy child had an “Addy” in their lives.

Addy is a character I quickly came to love, and that feeling kept me turning the pages to find out more about her remarkable life. A must read for anyone who likes a good story with (spoiler alert) a little bit of a tear-jerker ending.