Among Thieves

Among Thieves - David Hosp The Gardner Museum art theft is the largest unsolved art theft ever perpetrated. The thieves got away with priceless pieces of art and a few incidental tokens. The mixture of the items taken has baffled investigators since it occurred in 1990. There are many factual books written about this theft. This one is an excellent fictionalized version of the story. Mr. Hosp takes the facts of the case and weaves a plausible account which reads as a good story. Enough intrigue and bloodshed to keep action fans interested and, enough art history to keep art fans happy. The characters are interesting and the reader starts to get involved in their lives as well as the action in which they are involved. To me it even seems one of Mr. Hosp's FBI agents bears a striking resemblance to renowned art theft investigator Harold Smith. Overall an interesting, well researched and, well written book.