Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures - Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia Ethan Wate begins to have dreams and visions he cannot explain. Lena Duchannes moves to Gatlin and things in the sleepy town where “nothing ever happens” begin to change, especially for Ethan. It does not take long for Ethan and Lena to find each other, but just when things are starting to go well she begins to pull away and a web of secrets unravels. His dreams begin to make sense and magical things begin to happen. When he finds out Lena has a family curse, he is determined to help her overcome it.

To anyone who has wandered through a YA section in a bookstore lately, one cannot help but notice the glut of supernatural based books (with vampires taking a strong lead … gone are the days of Sweet Valley High?) This book definitely falls into the genre, although in a somehow kinder and gentler way. I understand there is a sequel, BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS to be released in October of this year.