The Tale of Halcyon Crane

The Tale of Halcyon Crane - Wendy Webb Haille James discovers a letter in her mailbox that turns everything she has know to be true in her life upside-down. Her mother, thought dead for thirty years has, in fact, only just recently died. Haille travels to the somewhat remote island her mother called home, only to discover a large inheritance that comes with a few ghosts attached.

Overall, this was not a bad ghost story, filled with all the things one expects: victorian mansion, graveyards, unfriendly townsfolk, the omnipresent elderly maid and the dashing romantic interest. This book had been described as “giving Bram Stoker and Stephen King a run for their travel budget” (whatever that means?). I enjoyed the book and, it is definitely a good first effort by a debut novelist but I would in no way compare it to Stoker and King (who probably shouldn’t even be compared to each other).