Think of a Number

Think of a Number - John Verdon The title brings to mind a game everyone has played in one form or another … think of a number between 1 and 10. However, in this case the game becomes serious. If you decide to play along and if the number you think of is correct you could very well end up dead. Dave Gurney is a recently retired NYPD homicide detective who receives a telephone call from an old college acquaintance asking for help in dealing with a strange series of letters and phone calls. When his friend dies a bizarre death Gurney is drawn into the hunt for what turns out to be a very creative serial killer.

This serial killer is one of the most inventive I have come across in recent “crime thrillers”. The combination of the author’s creativity and his ability to make Gurney a very human character made for a book that is very easy to get caught up in. I always say I do not have time for another “series” but I do hope there is at least one more Dave Gurney book in the offing.