Unexpectedly, Milo

Unexpectedly, Milo - Matthew Dicks In his first novel, SOMETHING MISSING, Mr. Dicks introduced us to Martin Railsback, a different sort of thief, with OCD. In this book we meet Milo Slade, a health care worker with OCD-ish tendencies, which complicate his everyday life and are, quite possibly, at the root of his current crumbling marital situation. One day Milo finds a video camera complete with a collection of sixteen tapes on a park bench. As he begins to watch the tapes, ostensibly in order to locate the owner of the camera, he realizes he is watching a video diary and the lovely young woman has just confessed to be the cause of her friend’s death. As the tapes progress, Milo and the reader discover that she is harbouring secrets about many things. Milo, knowing the depths of despair one can sink into because of secrets, decides to rescue this young girl. As he embarks on a journey to make this happen, Milo and the reader meet a cast of quirky, lovable characters and travel through some interesting adventures, mostly brought on my Milo’s unexplainable needs. After all, popping the seals on numerous jelly jars, singing karaoke (99 Luftballons – in the original German) and needing to deflate all the tires on your own car can cause a few stares in polite company!

In reading this book I found myself getting a little annoyed with the repetitiveness of the author’s description of Milo’s issues, until I realized it may have been a tool he used to allow the reader to have just a little taste of Milo’s state of mind. Overall, this was a fun book. I liked the message that “no matter how weird you think you might be … in one way or another, everyone else is too!” Personally however, I enjoyed Martin Railsback more and wish that his character had been brought back for this second book. Oh well, maybe there will be a third book from Mr. Dicks and we can reunite with Martin then.