Horns - Joe Hill What would you do if you woke up one morning and discovered you had grown horns overnight? If it was the morning after a bender you would think it was a hallucination. Ig did! But no such luck! Ignatius Perrish had everything a young man could want. He was born to a privileged family in a small town. He had good friends and finally someone he loved and, amazingly who loved him just as much. All that was tarnished when Merrin Williams was murdered and he was the prime suspect. He was never charged, but all of sudden everyone in town looked at him a little differently. They proclaimed his innocence, but it wasn’t what they truly believed. It’s hard to take the high road when everyone thinks the worst, so Ig resigns himself to never knowing the truth and never feeling comfortable in his own skin again. Turns out the horns that miraculously grew one day were his saving grace (so to speak) because anyone in their presence was compelled to tell the truth; their deepest, darkest secrets. So we follow Ig on his quest to find the real murderer.

I didn’t like this book … and then I liked … and then I liked it more … and finally I was undecided. Unlike his first novel HEART SHAPED BOX (which I loved), HORNS is not a straightforward tale. It takes the reader down a few bumpy, uncomfortable paths before we see the light. The characters are gritty and for the most part unlikable. Even our hero Ignatius is a little hard to warm to, but those are the qualities that made this book work. A good read that takes seriously the phrase “sometimes you have to be bad to be good".