Flashforward - Robert J. Sawyer Theo and Lloyd are two scientists working on the high energy, acclerated particle experiment at CERN. In the midst of the experiment something completely unexpected happens and everyone is given a glimpse into their own future, precisely two minutes 20 years into their future. When everyone comes back to the present the world is understandably in complete turmoil. Theo’s future is bleak indeed and he begins a journey to tempt the fates and change his own future while Lloyd begins to question the concept of free will.

I picked up this book for two reasons; it is the basis of the television program, which I have admittedly not seen and I was curious as to what I was missing and, I have been following the CERN experiments to some degree, have read a couple of the other books dealing with the topic and wanted to see what Mr. Sawyer would do with it. I do not read much sci-fi and this book is definitely heavy into the science but still a worthwhile read for anyone interested in time travel, physics, philosophy or the CERN experiment.