Room - Emma Donoghue Because the reader is thrown into the story from the first sentence it is difficult to give a synopsis of the story without screaming “caution – spoiler alert”. “Room” is home to 5 year old Jack and his Ma. “Room” is all Jack knows except for his friends on television and the other “planets” he sees there. Old Nick lives outside and is the bringer of all things … not all things are good.

This story is told in Jack’s five year old voice, which has the dual effect of making the story a little more palpable considering the subject matter and at the same time, a little more frightening in his innocence. Jack’s voice is so sincere “Room” almost becomes a character in the book. Ms. Donoghue examines both the evil in the world today and the resiliency of the human spirit to overcome it by whatever means necessary. Ma is a quiet hero written with rough around the edges tenderness. Jack’s voice stayed with me for a long time after I closed the covers of this book.