Ape House

Ape House - Sara Gruen Isabell Duncan is a research scientist studying language through teaching bonobo apes sign language. Her lab is blown up shortly after a visit from reporter John Thigpen, and the apes are unharmed but no longer in Isabell’s control. The resulting storyline of the book is the search for the missing Bonobo apes.

I loved WATER FOR ELEPHANTS and unfortunately can not say the same thing for this book. Although is was an entertaining read and obviously well researched, it did not have the character and flow of her previous book. In my personal opinion Ms. Gruen tries to tackle too many topics in this book … animal research, animal rights, reality television, prostitution, pornography, meth labs, the “Hollywood experience” and one too many relationship issues. It made for a bit of a disjointed story. Even the characters are a bit cliche ... the meddling mother-in-law, the almost perfect wife, the hooker with a heart of gold and the hero reporter. This one just didn't pull the heartstrings for me in the way I had anticipated.