Full Dark, No Stars

Full Dark, No Stars - Stephen King Touted as four “short stories” I felt these were more like novellas. This pleased me … a little longer to get to know the characters and a little longer to enjoy each one. The stories are not related and do not intertwine. The only thread is that each one allows the reader to meet a character living a fairly normal life at the precise moment that character reaches a fork in their personal road. Then the reader just blindly follows along when they face the consequences of what might not have been the best decision. Best intentions unravel quickly.

In describing this book to a fellow reader I said I was impressed with the idea of taking someone and putting them in that “what if” position where one step leads to another on the path to mayhem. In his author’s notes Mr. King states the exact idea. Sometimes it is nice to know you “got it” as a reader. In reading other reviews my impression is that so far readers have either loved this book or hated it, there seems to be no middle ground. I loved it.