What Is Left the Daughter

What Is Left the Daughter - Howard Norman Wyatt Hillyer has been estranged from his daughter for most of her life. One night in 1967 he decides to sit down and write a letter to send his daughter on her 21st birthday. The letter tells the story of his life, and thereby her life. It is difficult to describe this book. It has moments of dark humour (both Mike’s parents died on the same night, by jumping off separate bridges because of their guilt over an affair … with the same person), moments of desperation (the accidental killing of a german student during WWII during the war-fearing frenzy in the Maritimes) and it is populated by a cast of ecccentric characters. It all combines well into a memorable tale.

I have not read Mr. Norman before, but if this is an example of his story telling ability I will definitely be picking up more.